B-SMaL Equipment List

Sorted Alphabetically


VWR-164AC Max 160 g, Min 10 mg


Mettler Toledo PB 303-SMax 60 g, Min 20 mg

Bioprinter (3D)


Biosafety Cabinet

Labconco Logic+ (x1) and Thermo Scientifi 1300 Series Class II (x2)


Industrial Grade Blender Cleanblend 3HP

Cell Counter (Automated)

Invitrogen Countess II FL

Cell Tank

Thermo Scientific Locator Jr


Eppendorf 5810R (Refrigerated)


IEC Centra-MP4R

Centrifuge (Micro)

Eppendorf 5415C

Centrifuge (Micro)

Chemical Hood

Air Sentry V2 (x2)


Nalgene Desiccator Box

Freezer (-20°C)

VWR 20FFEEVWA, ExplosionProof

Freezer (Ultra-Low, -80°C)

VWR 60086FA

Incubator (CO2)

CellXpert C170i (2x)Forma Scientific 3120 (2x)

Laser Cutter

Universal Laser System
VLS 2.30

Light Curing System (UV)

400 nm, QUANS UV LED Flood Light

Light Curing System (Visible)

Genzyme Focal Seal LS 1000

Light Meter

Linshang, 340 nm-420 nm

Mechanical Tester (Instron)

5940 Series

Microscope (Compound)

Kohler Laboratory Trinocular Amscope

Microscope (Fluorescence)

Leica THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture

Microscope (Fluorescence)

Nikon Eclipse TE 300

Microscope (Inverted)

Nikon Eclipse TE 2000-U


Fisherbrand Nutrating Mixer

Mixer (Vortex)

Fisherbrand Variable Speed Mini Vortex Mixer

Optical Table

Newport R-1000 with Stabilizer and Air Compressor P50/24 AL

Oven (Gravity Convection)

VWR 89511-404, 2.3 CF

Oven (Vacuum)

VWR 1430 with Robinair VacuMaster 15500 pump

pH, DO, Conductivity Meter

VWR Symphony B40PCID

Pipette Sets

Eppendorf (x4)

Plasma Cleaner

Harrick Plasma PDC-001-HP

Plate Reader

Tecan Infinite M Plex with NanoQuant Plate
μ-droplet and cuvette)

Pump (Diaphragm)

Vacuubrand ME 1C

Pump (Syringe)

Harvard Apparatus PHD 2000 (2x)

Refrigerator (4°C)

VWR 10791-624


Discovery HR-2 Hybrid Rheometer

Sonicator (Bath)

iSonic P4820, 2.5 L

Sonicator (Probe )

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Q 500

Stirring Hot Plate

Four E's Scientific (x3) and Others (x2)

Stirring Hot Plate

Thermo Scientific SuperNuova+

Titrator (Automated)

Metrohm 907 Titrando


Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX Ultra

Shared Core Facilities

A comprehensive list of shared facilities at Penn State can be found here.