Lab Documents

Cloud Storage

All our lab documents, including the Orientation Package, Safety Requirements, Protocols and SOPs, Inventory, Equipment User Manuals, and Literature are accessible on our Cloud. Requests to access these data should be directed to Prof. Sheikhi.

Infrastructures at Penn State

  1. Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

  2. Shared Core Facilities

  3. Additional Advanced Research Facilities

  4. Innovation Gateway: Connecting Research to Industry Challenges

  5. Libraries

  6. Corporate Research Centers

Writing Resources at Penn State

Penn State’s Graduate Writing Center

Invaluable writing resources may be found in this link.

Life in the Happy Valley (State College)

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau

Numerous happy valley adventures may be found in this link.

Happy Valley Restaurants

A comprehensive list of dining options in State College may be found in this link.

Food at Penn State

On-Campus Dining

Several on-campus dining centers are available. Details may be found in this link.

Penn State Berkey Creamery

A legendary ice cream in the US! Popular flavors are: Death By Chocolate, Coconut Chip, Bittersweet Mint, Peachy Paterno, and Raspberry Parfait! The creamery is 7 min walk from our laboratory!

Recreation at Penn State

Campus Recreation

A full list of recreational facilities can be found in this link.

Life at Penn State

International Students

Tremendous opportunities are offered to the incoming students!

Social activities within the department.ppsx

Safety at Penn State


Penn State Police ensures the campus safety. For emergencies or police assistance call 814-863-1111 or 911.

Campus Safety Tips

Excellent safety tips by Penn State Police!